Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oxygen infusion

     Oxygen sounds like a luxurious and inevitably expensive spa treatment. Unfortunately, that is not what this post is about. It is about the 6 new plants that we bought yesterday. We went to Lai Tai, aka Lady Street flower market yesterday afternoon and spend 1000 kuai on plants. It sounds like a lot of money, and it is, but we got 6 huge plants for our apartment including nice big pots and delivery to our door, for $150. I would drop dead from shock if someone in the States or Europe found a deal like this. Yesterday was the first time that hubby had been to Lai Tai and he loved it, just like I knew he would. This place is the size of an American super market and filled 70% with every plant or flower you could ever want and 30% with a wide array of home decor. Chinese furniture, antique screens, pretty Oriental jewelry boxes, tapestries, hand blown glass art, candles, vases and more! It's wonderful!
Scent Diffuser 

Three in the Living Room

Just to illustrate the size

     I don't think I mentioned that this is a three day weekend (for me its a three and a half day weekend...half day on Saturday). Yeah Saturday! Tombs Sweeping holiday is Tuesday so we get Monday and Tuesday off work...but that means we had to work Saturday. Thankfully boss didn't want to be there either so we got a half day. Anyway, tomorrow I think we are going to continue our mini holiday and go furniture shopping. There is supposed to be a big furniture store about 20 minutes from here and we want to check that one out before we make the trek across town to the one that is known to be great. Supposedly they have a great selection for a great price and you can get custom furniture for just a little more money. We'll see!  

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  1. What beautiful plants! Sadly our apt doesn't have the room for things like that plus I seem to have a black thumb of death so they probably wouldn't last anyway. Hope you have fun on your 3 day weekend!