Monday, April 11, 2011

Chinese Acrobatics Show

     Saturday night I went out with two friends and saw a Chinese acrobatics show. I got a few good pictures, but mostly videos of the early show. Right when stuff started to get really cool my camera died. I was angry at the camera of course for not spontaneously charging itself. I'll post the clearer videos here and the two pictures. After the camera died out came the hamster wheel tricks. One long pole/pendulum with two hamster wheels on each side. The guys ran in the wheels faster and faster until the were jumping to keep up and then one was on the outside and then they were both on the outside. Then one had a bag over his head and was pretending to fall, and the other one was juggling. It was really amazing stuff. The whole show was very entertaining, but I would still advise anyone who asked that if you see one acrobat show in your life, see Cirque de Soleil. I saw that show with my mom, a friend of hers and my sister when I was 12/13 in New Zealand and it was wonderful. Everything was perfectly timed and looked borderline impossible. Well worth the money.

     Anyway, after the show we went to Matsuko, the same restaurant I went to for my birthday celebration, and sat around and chatted for hours. I taught them a few English slang words, skiddish and one other...can't remember, and they promised the next time I will learn a few Russian words (they are both from the Siberian part of Russian). All I know now is how to say yes, no and goodbye. Hello and the numbers 1-10 would be a great place to start! Anyway now I'm typing this in a cab on my way to work...took me 35 minutes behind 7 people to catch a cab this morning...Monday :)

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  1. Wow that last picture is amazing! It hurts me to think about my body in that position. Ouch! It sounds like you had fun!