Monday, April 18, 2011

This weekend

     I have mixed reviews about this past weekend. Saturday was great. First we ventured out on a beautiful Spring day to the Paris Baguette across the street and both had a yummy treat (mine I probably should not have eaten because it was most definitely NOT gluten free).
Me at Paris Baguette 

Spring time and pretty flowering trees!

Yang Guang Shang Dong aka Upper East Side...our building

Husband at Paris Baguette

Another view of our is HUGE!

     Then we headed out to this furniture market called Chaowei that I had found online. Besides the fact that the cab driver said he knew where it was and yet in the end didn't thus meaning we had to finish the journey on the subway/ walking for 20 was worth it when he arrived (FINALLY) at the market. Our friend Timo joined us which was great because he is a cool guy, but also because he speaks Mandarin. We ended up wandering around for about 2.5 hours and left having bought a wood/marble coffee table and a black carved entry way table. They are both antique Chinese style, and I will post pictures of them tomorrow when they arrive. 

     Sunday started off great, but ended not so well. First we went to SanYuanLi and got a TON of fruits and veggies, then we headed to the Lido Hotel where I got my hair cut and Will went bowling. That was great. But...then we had terrible Thai food, followed by ice cream that we ate in one of the famous Beijing dust storms outside where no cabs would pick us up. Then we went home and slept for 5 the middle of the day. Now its Monday night and both of us feel sick AGAIN. We're not. I'm sure its allergies but still...I felt like I needed an espresso IV drip just to stay awake at work today. No worries though...

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  1. At least your Saturday was good. I need to try to be more positive even when I have a crappy day!