Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sick Husband

     My poor husband has been so sick this week :( It seems like he has either viral Bronchitis or a mild case of viral Pneumonia. He went to the Pharmacy and got a round of antibiotics hoping it was bacterial, but no such luck. He hates being sick for so many reasons...
  1. He can't go to work (This one I personally do not understand)
  2. He has to stay home alone all day
  3. He was never sick when we lived in the US.
     Add that all together and you can imagine how he feels after 3 days at home sick. I was with him all day on Thursday, but today I had to go back to work. It was a pretty day, in the morning, and he looked so sad to be stuck inside sick and alone all day. My heart broke a little leaving him. Apparently though some people, with previously impenetrable immune systems, get sick all the time in Beijing. From the start Will and I decided that we would give Beijing a year and re-access the situation at that point. I have to say that if this pattern continues, it could weight heavily in the negative column.
New Entrance Table
New Curtains
     In other news, our furniture arrived. The entry way table looks great and I like the coffee table...Hubby on the other hand does not like that might be getting exchanged. The curtains arrived too! Next on the list:
  1. Covering the couches
  2. The living room needs a table/ storage center
  3. A rug for the living room and bedroom
  4. Finish up the bedroom with a coat of paint on the bed and the IKEA closet
  5. Plus a new dresser
  6. Then the office desk and whatever else he wants done in there (not my domain)
     Then we can relax and enjoy our finished apartment. What will we possibly do with our time when we aren't always needing to buy things you ask? Save money! The reason we moved to China in the first place! Yay!

     So I have two more interesting Beijing things that I found interesting and wanted to share. First, “to punish and enslave”...where did I see this? It is the slogan on Beijing police cars. Not joking. Second, I found a church that hubby and I might check out soon and at the bottom of the website there is this disclaimer Due to local government regulations, the Fellowship is open to foreign ID holders only. Thanks for your cooperation.” This makes me sad. 


  1. I hope your husband feels better! I also read that article you posted, that is just so sad! On the plus side, I like the table! I hope it gets to stay!

  2. I love the curtains! they look awesome. Where did you end up finding the fabric? The table is great too! Yay! It's coming together & looking very homey!

  3. I know, I'm thrilled. I ended up calling this woman whose name I found on theBejinger and she brought over a bunch of fabric choices...she's the woman I was telling you about at lunch!