Friday, April 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes

FYI, I stole this "7 Quick Takes" idea from Scarbrough Fair and she stole it from someone else, but it is a really good idea. Today is Friday and I just got home from work, rejoice!

1. Today was the longest day ever until 2pm. I do not handle boredom at work well. I need to have several tasks so that when I get burned out on one, I can switch gears. Today until 2pm I had one task...and I was bored. I had several scheduled calls and 1 out of 5 people answered! Then my boss gave me a bunch to do and the day flew by! Now its the weekend!

2. This weekend, hubby and I are going to Chaoyang Park, a HUGE park in Beijing. It is right down the street and we haven't been yet. Now that it is warm and the trees and flowers are blooming, we are going to check it out. Pictures to come...

3. My friend from work just got me hooked on this website called My Fitness Pal. I am not dieting, but now I'm obsessed with tracking what I eat and how much I exercise. For those other Type A personalities out there like me who are looking for a new time wasting are welcome.

4. We have no food in the house and now I have to make dinner...ugh!

5. My friend from work did have a good idea the other day about issue #4. She buys all of her vegetables on Sunday, and then cleans them and puts them in plastic baggies/ Tupperware for the week. That way she doesn't have to worry about it for the whole week. I might take that one step further and do the meat too. We'll see what hubby thinks!

6. I am looking for a new show to love. Any suggestions?

7. I am watching a CNN special right now about Human Trafficking. This is a subject I feel very strongly about not only because it is so disturbing, but after working at a battered women's shelter, it really makes you think about issues like this. Please visit DNA Foundation and buy one of their T-shirts or follow the other steps on how to help. It is a great cause!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. What a cute idea. I might have to try this too one day!