Monday, March 28, 2011


     Monday's...need I say more. Sunday night I wish it was Saturday night and wonder where the weekend went? This morning when I woke up I wondered how it was possible for 8 hours to pass so quickly? I am still recovering from my illness, and that makes today even worse. I get up every hour and cough and blow my nose for what seems like a solid minute. There is no end to this lung congestion it seems. Another thing that is making me stare at the clock and feel tired and lazy (and somewhat sad) is the fact that I have not been following my no-gluten or dairy diet. Whenever I break with my diet, all of my symptoms come back. I feel tired, lazy, feverish and swollen. Overall, not good. What surprised me when I first figured out that I was allergic, was how so many of the symptoms were mental. I become forgetful and indecisive and sleepy...and sad. Needless to say, my day could be going better.

     My test for myself this afternoon (I am writing this at work on the end of my lunch break) is to see how many phone calls I can make. One, that's good practice for this job. Two, I'm hoping it makes the day go by faster. When I leave work, I am headed to my friends house to pick up care packages from my mom! Yay, two packages filled with love! That makes me even more ready for the day to be over!


     I got very little done yesterday because (obviously) I was not in the best mood. BUT...I did get my care package...gluten free bread, pasta, grits and pizza crust! Yay! I love my mother! I have been missing gluten free bread for a long time now. 

Pray for me to have a better work day today...

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