Life List

Get married
Have child #1
Have child #2
Have child #3
Adopt child #4
(yes, I am aware of the pattern)
Get a Boston Terrier and/or get back my old dog who I had to give away to a friend (yes, I count that as family)

Get all credit cards paid off
Get all student loan debt paid off
Start college funds for all children
Make enough that I can donate $1000 a year to my favorite charities

School --> Work
Get a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy
Get an internship with an MFT
Start work as an MFT
Get PhD/PsyD in Counseling/Clinical Psychology
Start private practice
Open a birthing/parenting preparedness center

Plant a flower, herb and vegetable garden
Give an old house a makeover
Fill my home with DIY and crafty fixtures
Take cooking classes
Get in a regular workout routine
Eliminate all toxic cleaning products from my home
Learn how to sew (buttons don’t count)
Have the flexibility to be able to do a split
Have the strength to be able to do 20 pushups and pull ups (As of 6/7/12, I can do 5-7 of the first and .5 of the latter)
Run a 5k

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