Friday, April 8, 2011

Decorating updates and more

     The fabric lady, Brenda, just left! The original number she quoted us was craziness but thankfully she came down 1000 kuai ($150). Even so, we decided to do our living room makeover in stages. The living room curtains and sheers today, the living room seating next time. I can NOT wait until I can post pictures of the finished product! The curtains are not the dark blue I posted before, they are a lighter blue with light brown and some grey...sounds gloomy but its beautiful. Then we are going to pair that with stripes in the same colors for the smaller seating and light brown on the big couch. It is finally going to tie in the huge grey bookshelf with light blue drawers that lurks behind our bright orange landlord. Anyway, I am so excited!

     In other news, I thought it would be entertaining to tell you about the new funny China thing that has gotten my attention. A little background first...I am a Starbucks addict. Every morning before work I go into Starbucks and get an iced (even when its freezing outside) soy latte. I can't eat any of their pastries anymore because of my allergies, but I still gaze longingly at the croissants I used to get all the time. The assortment of breakfast goodies is what entertains me recently. Nestled in between the beloved croissants and the cheese danishes rests the chicken curry puff pastry. For breakfast. Cereal and sweet things are not breakfast food here. They like meat on a stick and chicken curry...aka lunch food all the time.

     Today is Saturday and I have a fun/relaxing weekend planned. Tonight I am going with a Russian friend of mine to a Chinese acrobat show. I am really excited. I went to Cirque de Soleil when I was younger and loved it. I am always so impressed by acrobats...I can barely touch my toes. Tomorrow I am planning on relaxing and maybe shopping. I very badly need new clothes now that it is getting warmer. I brought a bunch of winter clothes with my because that was all I had space for. So now that my 1 t-shirt won't work anymore....time to shop. Wish me luck...its either expensive or cheaply made or both here, so it takes time and patience.

Halloween right before the move to China... just for fun!

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  1. It sounds like it is going to come out nicely. I've gotten bit by the decorating "bug" too, but sadly lack of time is making that difficult.