Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Please help me!

Here is my problem (well one of them anyway)...I love the picture I chose for the blog background, but now the text color bothers me! I can see half of what is on the outskirts of my posts. I can kind of see the links to other blogs and I can only half see the blog archive...I hope someone computer oriented reads this and can help!

On a funny side note, I have learned three new Mandarin phrases in the spirit of summer.

1. xing ba ke Starbucks
2. bing ji lin Ice Cream
3. bing kafei Iced Coffee

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!


  1. Afraid this happened to me when I had a cool background like that too! The feedback I got was that black writing on a white background is far easier to read! Which I have to say I agree with, although I found it hard changing my background. And I do love yours....tough one....

  2. I think you might just have to change the background of your sidebars...which might make the background less pretty. Probably not what you want to hear.

  3. :( I'll mess with it this weekend. Maybe I'll see if other pictures are better