Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Beginnings

Until this point, my blog postings have been very similar. I feel something, experience something, witness something, and the next time I have a free moment, I blog about it. I have been searching for new blogs to read lately for inspiration, and I found several that did just that. All of these women are written by women who I believe write very well.

Tales of a Tai Tai
Kate Takes 5
A Mummy in a Strange Land

I must guiltily admit that this is not my only motivation in finding new blogs to read...I also suffer from a crippling case of what I have named "Followers Envy". It is my hope that when I find good blogs to read and begin to follow them, they will follow the reciprocal link I stealthily leave, find my blog irresistibly charming and follow me in return. This has been partially successful (Brittany, BarbaraKate) but less successful in almost every other case. But I digress...

I have spent this week mapping out my next several posts to move away from reactive posting and into thoughtful posting. I have been noting down ideas in my notebook, writing little spinets in online documents and subsequently "mind mapping" with Blumind (A free software MADE for Type A personalities). Hopefully you all like the change.

Musings to follow...

First though...Thank you so much to my mother for the AMAZING care package. I was very sad to have missed mothers day this year, but even from the other side of the planet I can feel how much my mom loves me. Here are some highlights from my latest care package shipment...3 boxes!

Yummy gluten free grits and gluten free macaroons
Gluten free chocolate
One of my favorite pair of 2 other pairs


  1. It's always an adventure to shop at Whole Foods in their vast Gluten Free area......always scoping out new, fun things to send to China!!
    Glad you liked the goodie boxes!!

  2. Hey there! Thanks so much for the mention in your post! Didn't realise I wasn't following. Well, I am now!!!! I'm not a scheduler myself, and tend to use my post as a bit of a project for the day, to keep me busy! Looking forward to reading more xx

  3. I just signed up too! Thanks for the mention, it's a huge compliment and great to know someone's reading!