Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another month in China

     I haven't felt much like writing my blog this week, mostly because nothing blog worthy has happened. Just another week at work. We get a three day weekend for the May-Day holiday which is great, so hubby and I are planning to relax for the rest of the weekend.
     Yesterday was a very busy day. First we had Brenda, the woman who made our curtains, over again to deliver the sheer curtains. The next thing we are having her do is cover a sofa and a chair and make a footstool. She makes rugs too, so thats next after that. This woman and her husband are one stop shopping. They do everything.
     Next we returned my khaki pants to a mall in the middle of nowhere, even though the store chain where I bought them, Mango, has 50,000 stores closer to me. I learned that in China, if you buy an item from one location, you have to return it to that exact same store. No exceptions, not even for an exchange of size. It was not a fun outing, because I had to try to explain to the salesman that the blue size fit me in the 36 but the khaki size was too small in the 36, thus I needed a 38. He pretty much looked at my like I was a nut case... apparently this does not happen in men's clothing.
     Then we went to find an Xbox for Will. He ended up getting a PS3 and a bunch of games, and has been playing them since! He finds playing video games relaxing, which I don't personally understand because they make me crazy, but to each his own. He mostly just plays them in the morning before I wake up. I'm so glad he isn't like some other guys I know who feel the need to play them all day long...I can never figure out these women who marry them and put up with that.
     Today has been very relaxing. We woke up late, watched some shows, played some games, skipped lunch due to laziness and then took a nap. Now we are hanging out before getting ready to go out to dinner. There is supposedly this great pizza place called "The Krow's Nest" that is owned by a fellow Atlantin (person from Atlanta...we weren't sure what the correct work was) so we are going with a few friends.
     Tomorrow will hopefully be more of the same. We need to clean and buy groceries but hopefully we can knock that out early. Then I am hoping my friend from work comes to have lunch with me. She is only in Beiijng, from Pennsylvania, for 3 months and that ends in 2 weeks. I'm very sad because she is really cool and when she leaves it will be back to me not having anyone to really chit chat with from work. She told me to send her emails though because she has a Blackberry and she promises to return them until midnight back in Pen. She is SO going to regret telling me that.
     Hope everyone is also having a great weekend!

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