Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What are 5 things I can not live without?

Kate has made another list, so I am linking up again. I love list's being that I am a hardcore somewhat Type A personality. This week's theme...make a list of 5 products you can't live without...
  1. My laptop that provides me internet access. Nothing is more relaxing to me than coming home and wasting time on my computer. Facebook stalking, blog stalking, watching TV...all great habits...yeah...don't judge

  2. Skype. I would be lost in Beijing without Skype. Being able to talk to my family and friends back home adds a small degree of normalcy to living in China. Until inevitably they block Skype here...

  3. Lotion. If you had asked me to make this list when I lived in Atlanta, lotion would NOT have been on it...but since moving to the driest place on Earth, its on there.

  4. My hair brush. I loathe having tangled hair.

  5. My iPod. I am imaging myself on a deserted island with only 5 things...and I would definitely need to be able to get away every once in a while with my music in hand.   

A small glance into my psyche...please don't stop reading my blog after you read this  ;) 

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