Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Living Room

     I am going to start with our new living room. As soon as I saw this room my left brain started decorating. Right now it has yellow curtains, one huge orange couch, one small orange couch and one orange chair. I hate the color they all need work. The smaller pieces of furniture are currently having their covers cleaned, thats why they are white. I have to admit I payed way to much to have them husband just about had a coronary when I told him how much I paid considering they are going to get replaced soon. It was one of those situations where I had already unloaded the covers and gotten them to the cleaners and I just wanted to be done with I paid about 75 dollars to have them cleaned (astronomical in China)...oops. 

     I found out yesterday that our couches are from IKEA. That is good news because I can order new covers directly from the store and not have to get them custom made. The bad news is that I wanted a navy colored couch and they don't offer these covers in navy. So now its a toss up between dark red and black. Go to the website and let me know your vote!
     The curtains are what I am really excited about...mostly because I have a really pretty pattern in my head that would be absolutely beautiful. Now all I have to do is find a worthy fabric and have the curtains made. I am going to hopefully be shopping for fabrics with my friend this weekend while our husband's are at the Great Wall on a hiking trip. The pattern in my head is primarily navy blue, red and some sort of sand/beige color and has a really intricate pattern. I'm not sure how it got in my head but it has an oriental look and the pattern has birds on it. I watched a lot of Sarah's House before we moved to that may be it.

     My plan for the rug, coffee table and other two pieces of furniture will have a lot to do with what color I decide to go with on the main couch and the colors in the curtains. In my mind I see myself going with a coffee table that looks like the piece of furniture the TV is on, a solid colored rug, and some striped pattern for the other pieces of furniture.

     This last picture is our view of the 4th Ring Road from our living room. Not the prettiest view, but the windows are good quality so we can barely hear the highway. My plan for the window ledge is to cover it with plants that create oxygen and help with the unbelievable dust problem we have!

     If anyone has any opinions for this room, please comment! I am very open to suggestions.


  1. It looks like it has a lot of potential! Congrats again on finding a good apt.

  2. So glad you found an apartment! Good luck on the decorating!

  3. Thanks y'all! I went to IKEA today and literally could have spent my husband's whole paycheck...I was good though and mostly just took pictures of stuff that interested me...I'll post more pictures soon.