Friday, March 25, 2011

Laryngitis and my first day of successful calls

     After my lovely urban walk on Friday I strolled into the juice shop at Upper East Side and got myself a carrot and orange juice. It was so good...even if it only took me 3 minutes to finish it. My throat hurt but I figured the juice and a weekend of relaxing would cure that. WRONG. Saturday came and I felt worse :( We had plans that night to go out to dinner with a big fun group followed by St. Patrick's day celebrating at an Irish bar. My husband knew better than to take sick wifey to a bar though...he would get drunk and I would be pouting and feeling like crap the whole night. So we stayed home and watched movies. Woke up Sunday, felt even worse than Saturday. That pattern continued until Tuesday when we went to the International Clinic to get me checked out. My sweet husband took a half day and escorted me to the doctor. Once there and after some blood tests (my favorite) we found out that I had/have viral laryngitis as a symptom of bronchitis. me that sounds like I have both. Really though I had textbook laryngitis...extreme sore throat that made it virtually impossible for me to talk above a whisper. Probably a welcome relief to my husband. Anyway I was “prescribed” Tylenol and Chinese Medical tea to clear out my lungs. So Wednesday I cleared out my lungs ALL DAY! Gross I know.

     Today I was back to work. My boss (thanks to my time off) had ample time to start a list of people for me to call in my territories. Today I called literally a zillion offices, but in the end had 5 successful calls, and 5 resumes sent to me. The calls were so much easier today! I expected for it to take me a while to get used to it, but actually I already feel a lot more comfortable. I guess all I needed was some “me time” to reflect on my first calls. Now I'm sitting at Costa Coffee writing this after my second urban hike in 7 days! I am going to know this city like the back of my hand in no time!  

     On a side note I have a fun fact about Chinese money. In China, the way your actual total works is not the number that you are presented with in some cases. Say for example my bill is for 32.2 (like my lunch today)...when I gave my waitress 33 kuai, I gave her the wrong amount. Actually, because the amount was under .5 the total was 32 kuai. Easy mistake on my part...tell that to the waitress who looked at me like I was an idiot. 



  1. I'm glad that your calls went wel! I hope you feel better soon! I'm completely lost on the money if your bill is 32.5 you have to pay 33? Crazy. Why even calculate the decimals?

  2. I'm so confused I don't even know...they have 10 cent pieces here and fifty cent pieces and you can use them...but you only have to sometimes. Its the same thing with 5.15 cents...I think you owe 5.20 because they have no single cents. Like I said...Im still confused by it