Friday, March 18, 2011

Second week of work...

     I just got home from my second week of work. Today after a week's worth of research, I made my first phone call. A lot of my job is going to be initiating contact with professionals and building a relationship with them. Initiating contact aka cold calling. I love the job, but the cold calling is going to take some getting used to. I tend to get nervous when I talk to strangers on the phone, and today was no exception. I had a list of questions I needed to ask about their background and I floundered through it. To make things even more interesting, I am talking to people from Indian and the Philippines on the there's an "accent barrier". My mental strategy is to call call call and don't think about it. Sooner or later it will just be second nature.

     Today after the subway trip home, I went to hail a cab the rest of the no avail. So I walked through the urban jungle for 45 minutes until I finally arrived home. Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. I'm glad it's going okay, although it kind of sucks about your 45 minute walk. At least you're home and it's the weekend! Enjoy!

  2. I'm sick unfortunately...throat hurt yesterday and today I woke up and my voice is almost completely gone. Not such a happy weekend :( But the job is going well! Hope your little man is doing well, he is too cute!