Saturday, April 7, 2012

Epilator! I bought one!

I wrote 3 postings last week when I was in Shanghai while I was sick and then I was so sick I forgot to post them. completely the wrong order, here is one of them (sorry for the delay).

I did it! I bought an epilator. Specifically the new Silk-epil by Braun, usable underwater epilator. 

I had my first experience the other night and I love the result. It is 40 tweezers at once plucking hairs so its not a pleasant sensation but I can see how you and your hair would get used to it. It’s a little machine I can take anywhere, that plucks my hair leaving me with a few weeks of no hair and less hair when it grows back. Waxing means you get it done elsewhere and its not cheap, even in China and you have to wait until it gets to a certain length (which you don’t with this). Shaving leaves your hair smooth for what…a few hours and it needs to be done constantly. I spent 100 dollars up front and most people say their epilator lasts for 6-8 years. I did my arms, underarms, bikini and legs…in the US, that in and of itself costs a hundred dollars to wax. Razors are ridiculously priced now and in 6 months you easily spent that. I am happy with the purchase and would advocate for this as a cost and time effective alternative to shaving. Take a pain killer 30 minutes before hand, do it right after you shower and just get past the pain the first few times. 

My husband was amazed watching this process and even took a video (no, I am not posting it) to show my parents since they sent it to me. I swear several times in this video and it is not pretty. See the video of the first exposure to it wouldn't make you want to try it out...especially since I forgot to take a pain killer first. Ooops. 
Anyway, sorry my blog has been the most boring thing in the world recently and I promise to change that soon! I have 3 more posts just waiting for me to polish up and post (plus find the accompanying pictures) like my trip to Shanghai and my new health kick!

Happy Weekend! Spring is finally here!


  1. I've heard a lot about epilators these last few months, but I haven't bought one. Mainly because I don't want to spend the money, then find that either it isn't as great as I thought or that I don't use it as often as a razor. This one sounds like it's pretty easy to use, though, and I like that I could store it in the shower!

  2. Exactly. It's an investment up front but it really is cheaper in the long run.