Friday, March 23, 2012


I arrived home from Singapore on Thursday night. The return flight was easy enough but the departure flight...good Lord. My boss picked me up Friday night at 9pm for our midnight flight to Singapore and we headed to the airport. We settled in, got something to eat at 1 of 2 places that was still open at 11pm and then stood at the gate waiting. The flight was delayed about 30 minutes but soon enough we were boarding. The air quality was so bad that when you looked out of the window, you couldn't even see the wings. So we sat...and we waited...and then it was 3am and people were royally peaved. At 4am the captain came on the intercom and told us that they wanted to let us off the plane but unfortunately every other plane had been delayed as well so there were 1000 people waiting to check back through customs and only 2 people were working those counters. Then it was 5 am and we were finally able to get off the plane. At this point all I wanted to do was to get off the plane and get back into bed with hubs. 1.5 hours later I was able to do that.
This is not my picture, but this is just t give you a visual of the air quality
Then it was Saturday, the air was still horrible and it was starting to get really cold outside. 9pm comes around again and my boss picks me up for round 2...when we arrive at the airport (in the middle of MARCH) it starts snowing. By the time we are boarding the bus that takes us to our plane at midnight, it is a full blown snow storm outside. Sitting...waiting...getting frustrated...and then we take off...4 hours later.
Singapore airport garden
After the biggest airport hassle I have ever been through was behind me, I arrived in Singapore on Sunday morning at around 10am. It was absolutely the best feeling to step off the plane where we had boarded in a snow storm and step into 85 degree weather with amazingly high humidity. I immediately felt at home. Everything was so green! Everyone was speaking English! The air was so clean!
Yes, this is in the Singapore airport
I actually did not end up staying at Marina Bay Sands (except for the last night), the hotel with the awesome pool, but instead stayed at the Pan Pacific. That was a blessing. MBS's pool is amazing, the rooms on the other hand...not so much. Luckily for me I got the best of both worlds with a copy of my boss's key I could go up to the pool but not have to stay in the musty room with no tub and Chinese cable TV shows. My room at the Pan Pacific on the other hand had a wonderful bed, a great tub, a glassed in shower and American TV shows.
So, Sunday I spent at the pool, Monday I spent at the office, then the pool, then the cocktail hour for the conference. Tuesday and Wednesday were conference and work dinners and then the pool and Thursday I returned home. All in all, I loved Singapore and I would move there in a second...except for the cost of living. That is enough information for a whole new post but let's just say that it is OUTRAGEOUS.
Area across from Marina Bay where we had dinner the lastnight


  1. Oh my word, the air quality looks HORRIBLE! So sorry you had to go through that airport nightmare. Singapore looks fabulous, though!

  2. Gotta love the differences in what is acceptable for airlines to do to you! The two times we've flown to Turkmenistan the *second* the plane touches down everyone unbuckles their seat belts and stands up, crowding to the front. I mean, we haven't even slowed down or anything yet! Insane.

    I'm jealous about's on my to-visit list!