Sunday, April 8, 2012

The End

Four of my top watched TV shows are in their last season this year. I was on a scale from sad to shocked when I heard that these shows were in their final season or had been cancelled.
One Tree Hill
I started watching this show in about its second season, when I got back to the US in high school. A super dramatic show all about high school drama that I loved at the time. Then I went to college and for the most part stopped watching it. Then after moving to China I picked up where I had left off and became quite attached. When I watched last nights episode I remembered that this was the last season and slowly realized that this was the final season. I was pretty sad considering that this is just a TV show, but we will blame it on that time of the month. 
In Plain Sight
Another show which I love. The main character, Mary, is very dry and sarcastic and I love her. It's a show all about Witness Protection and I guess they decided that after 5 seasons, they might have to recycle material or start desperately grabbing for headline news as many other type shows do. I guess it's better to end on a high...but still...bittersweet. 
United States of Tara
Awesome show that they cancelled! They kept on Nurse Jacky but cancelled this awesome show. I am shocked and I am angry. What the hell people. A show about a mom with multiple is that not better than a show about a junkie nurse!
and finally...
Desperate Housewives
You have had a good run but I will miss you. Enough said.
Anyone else have a beloved show that is ending or was cancelled recently?


  1. Seeing the title of this entry "The End" made me freak out a bit, thinking it was the end of Beijing for you. Whew!

  2. Haha! No, not the end of that just yet. Here until at the very earlier the beginning of 2013. Can't say after that!