Saturday, January 21, 2012

One Year in China Part 2

So, more than 1 month later (my mantra of 2012 it seems) I am posting the second half of my first year in China.
Recap: Arrived: November 2012, after 1 night at the Marriott, lived in a rat trap for 2 weeks, then moved one step up for 3 months while we made some friends. Once I got a job we moved into Upper East Side

Now we live here and love it
We visited places like this
Chaoyang Park
Mutianyu Great Wall
The girls I went to the wall with...Great Wall of China trip with me and 3 girls from Japan
Thank you smog
Steep stairs that they did not want to walk up :)
The Summer Palace
1000% Humidity and no makeup...

We had our first wedding anniversary
Anniversary presents
Visited 798, the art distrct

And then...
In the beginning(ish) of our second year in China, we returned home to the USA for the first time for Christmas
My dad and me 
Father and son in law
And us
I hope that everyone has had a wonderful beginning to 2012!
On the 19th I had my 24th birthday and couldn't be happier with my life. I got to see my family and friends again, I have a wonderful husband, a great job and a wonderful future in front of me.
I found this great picture on a new blog about a really heartwarming family 

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  1. It looks like you've had a fabulous year in China!