Saturday, January 21, 2012

Better Late Than Never

For effort number two to write this (insert ugly expletive) VPN bumped me off and now I am re-writing this post...Moving on

The topic of this post, my favorite subject, me and my wedding. Yes, that was almost 2 years ago. Nevertheless, the first time around, we planned our wedding in 3 weeks and because it was in June, a lot of people were not able to make it. We had a group of around 30 people at my parent's townhouse and had a great time. Yet, a lot of family and friends were not able to make it due to the short notice. So, my wonderful parents hosted yet another wedding reception in our honor. This time, invitations were sent out months in advance and we had a much larger tun out. Family friends and family members shipped registered gifts to us for months in advance and hubs and I had two Christmases this year. It was so nice to open wedding gifts so long after actually getting married. Wonderful time...I recommend celebrating your wedding as often as possible. 
Our stationary for the invites
The one downfall to having a separate wedding and wedding reception is that my mother thought it would be ridiculous for me to wear my wedding dress again. I am not a very well endowed girl...but my wedding dress did so much with so little. 
That dress
This dress...still nice, but you see my point
I loved my wedding dress so much. I tried on only 5 dresses before I found this gem and had to own it
Probably one of my favorite shots
A great picture of the dress...good thing hubs never reads my blog because he hates this picture...thinks he looks creepy
The back of the dress
Now, a photo dump from Wedding Reception Numero Dos
Two of my best my uncle and family friend in the background
+1: Geoff
The always important and inevitably blurry bar area...
It makes total sense that the bar picture is blurry...the woman that ran the bar made some stiff drinks. I took my first sip and felt like someone had tossed a lit match down my throat. Thankfully, the same friend who took my wedding pictures was at this party also taking pictures:

This one makes me laugh...that look on his face
Me and the other wives of my husband's best friends
Sadly, one of two pictures where will and I make it into the same shot. Positive: This couple gave  us an awesome gift
Overall, the night was wonderful and we had a great time. Sorry it took me almost a month to post this, but after two bouts of food poisoning in 1 month, jet lag from returning to China, starting a new semester and going back to work....I've been busy. 

Chun Jie Kuai Le: Happy Chinese New Year

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  1. How great that you got to celebrate twice! I loved your first dress, it is gorgeous!