Thursday, October 11, 2012


Everything involving school lately...SUCKS

I have a tendency to obsess over things (I know its obsessing and my husband loves to remind me) and everything school related is my newest thing. I have work, which I am actually coping with better now and the regular classes, no big deal...but then I got 100 extra helpings of new shit to stress over. 

1. I need to find a practicum placement preferably between next January and May. 

This gives me the training I need to put to use the knowledge I have been collecting for the last year and a half. I want this practicum to be a real learning experience and something that will bolster my resume when it comes time for me to look for an internship after graduation. Yet, finding one has been difficult. No one is taking on practicum students right now and that ones that are taking them are NOT in Atlanta (not exactly the mental health hub). I can't and won't spend the money to stay in a totally new town for the 2-5 months this practicum will last so I am stuck in Atlanta. Unless anyone that reads this blog happens to have a spare bedroom and connections to any sort of marriage clinic/mental health facility :) 

In addition, the places that have gotten back to me want to know when I can come in for a F2F...December 21st? No one considers Skype or any other video can't come in for a face to face, you are NOT a candidate. Awesome.

2.   Either the USPS or the IRS misplaced our taxes and now I can't do an IRS link to FAFSA. That doesn't sound so bad right? Wrong. That means that now I owe 3500 dollars to my school, instead of it going to my "pay later when I graduate" file. This is not good.

Sorry to get on here and bitch but I need to release this tension and sometimes writing this blog really helps. I hope everyone else is experiencing no such problems and having a great week :)


  1. Ugh - so sorry! Praying that you'll find something soon. It is so hard to coordinate all of that stuff when you're overseas :-/

  2. I'm sorry that it all sucks lately. It blows my mind that companies still aren't using skype these days! WTF?