Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Homemade Toxin-Free Deodorant

I have been cutting out every toxic product that I use one by one. Deodorant especially has all sorts of unnecessary ingredients that are not good for you and are pretty toxic...leading to organ toxicity, cancer...all sorts of things I don't want. The good thing is that making your own is very easy, very cheap and customizable to be exactly what you want. Below is the recipe. If you make it, let me know how you like it!


6-8 Tablespoons of Cocounut Oil
1/4 cup of Baking Soda
1/3 cup Cornstarch
1/4 Teaspoon of Shea or Cocoa Butter
10-12 drops of your preferred essential oil (something with antibacterial qualities would be a perk: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Lemon etc...)


  1. Heat the coconut oil if needed, then mix the Shea/Coconut Butter
  2. Once those ingredients are mixed add in the dry ingredients and then the essential oil. 

I have read a few different variations of the next steps...either

  • Let it dry completely and then put it in an old deodorant bottle or jar OR
  • Let it cool down but not harden and then add it into the carrier and then pop it in the fridge


  1. Wow, really? It's that easy. I might really give this a try!

  2. It is super easy. Literally the whole thing took me less than 10 minutes...initially. Unfortunately, I put the part of the deodorant pusher that goes up and down at the top instead of the bottom so I had to melt it and then funnel it back in correctly...oops. Even then it only took 20 minutes