Saturday, February 25, 2012

Customer Service

Subway in China is quite an experience. Not THE subway, although that is an experience in and of itself, but in this case I mean Subway the restaurant. Yesterday while standing in line waiting for my sandwich this is the thought that was running through my head...

While I stand in line watching the girl who is the first person in the assembly line that is Subway I am struck by her hatred of her job. It is evident to anyone that watches her make a sandwich. She Hates it. Why should her disdain for her job be taken out on my sandwich though? She shreds the bread, attacking it with the knife, tossing it down on the counter and throwing on the meat, followed by the cheese. It's almost like she is intentionally making them uneven so only every other bite will have both tastes. She does all of this, again, with a clear hatred for the menial task. 

She does this regardless of whether you are sweet as can be or curt with her. Some people are just content being surly. Motivated enough to ruin your sandwich but not to change her circumstances. 

Other than my lunch experience, this week was busy. Last week was busy and this coming week will be busy. My boss is back in town, we are slammed with work and we are expecting to get 2-3x the amount of work we have now coming in over the next few quarters. Certain people in my team are under preforming and have been for quite a while and nothing has been done. That is all changing now and over the next month people's weaknesses will need to disappear...if they don't, next month, people will be fired. It's tough but it needs to happen. So sorry for the hardly ever blogging over the past month but work has ratcheted up and I have had to spend the weekends trying to relax, work out, shop for the next weeks groceries and work on school. Soon I will find my balance and blogging will come back in!

Rejoice! Winter is almost over!


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  1. I'm so glad that winter is almost over. Even though it only lasted a couple of months, I was over it quickly!