Monday, September 19, 2011

Next stop

Hi again, after yet another long break...I know. Over the last few week, with the exception of this past weekend, my life has been not so interesting. Monday through Friday I wake up at 7:15am, leave to catch a cab by 7:45am and am back home by 7pm. Then I cook dinner, work on school and watch some TV with hubs...then I go to sleep and repeat. Then comes the weekend when we relax after the long week by hanging out at home, going out to a meal or two and meeting up with friends. Not super interesting.
Will at 798
This weekend on the other hand was great. We made two new sets of friends. One was a girl, Liis from Estonia and her bf Oliver, I met via the Beijing Expat Facebook page and the other was a woman, Linda, who I met on the subway. Friday night, Will and I went out with Liis and her bf and had a great time. We met up at 798, the local art district, for dinner and drinks and then headed back to our apartment for more drinks before we headed out to a club called Juicy. We had the best time (which had a lot to do with the open bar after the $7.5 cover charge for me and $15 cover charge for Will), chatting about all sorts of things including where we might move next. Singapore is what we have been thinking, and it is probably our best and most attainable next stop. Singapore is beautiful and clean and modern and a great place to be in Asia-Pac. But Liis suggested Luxembourg...yes that Luxembourg that has the world's highest GDP per capita of anywhere on earth. Of course the next day I had to Google the hell out of Luxembourg and it looks amazing. Small, clean and beautiful. All that being said, I'm sure we are not the only people who think so and thus I'm sure getting a job there being from outside of the EU is pretty difficult. Nice to dream about though. Have you been to Luxembourg? If so, what did you think?
Luxembourg is so pretty
Then Sunday we went out to lunch with Linda, her daughter Malaya and her husband who just happens to be a 6 foot 11 basketball player who is currently playing for the CBA. They have lived all over the place from the US, where they are both from, to Belgium, Austria, Romania (where their daughter was born), to Tunisia and now Beijing. Two days and now two new great couples to hang out with. I have time to write this on a Monday because I had a high fever last night and decided to take it easy today by staying home. Happy Monday!

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  1. That sounds like a fun weekend. Our saving grace are the other expats that are here with our company! My husband got offered a job in Luxembourg and he definitely wanted to take it! The only down side would have been no job for me - in the end we decided to stay in France.