Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Shoes

I wanted to do a little post about the Silk Street Market in Beijing. Silk Street is "the place" to find expats and knock off goods. The whole basement floor is nothing but aggressive women selling "Gucci", "Prada", "Coach" "Louis Vuitton" etc...it is great! The bargaining that goes on at this market is hilarious. They will start out at a price that is probably about 10 times what you should pay. I went to buy some t-shirts there the other day and the woman started off at 800 kuai (that's close to 120 dollars). I couldn't help but laugh. We bought them for 70 kuai in the end. Anyway, I have been looking for shoes in boutiques for weeks to no avail and then I went to Silk Street. I bought the shoes in the picture above within 5 minutes and paid about 30 dollars for them. I could have gotten them for less I think, but I liked them and I was ready to stop looking for shoes! If you ever find yourself in Beijing, make sure you visit Silk Street!

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